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Compare The Best AEG FreezersAugust 2020

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What is the Kagoo Score? Our unique freezers rating which considers: 1,000 US prices • 13,000 expert & user reviews • 3,000 product comparisons • Score breakdown
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Today's Best Freezer Sales

$2k Price Drop
Scotsman CU50GA-1A Undercounter Ice Maker, up to 65 lb production / 24 hours, 26 lb storage capacity. Air Cooled, Self Contained.15" Wide. Compact design allows for... more
$1k Price Drop
KITMA - We spend decades focusing on the improvement of catering equipment technology, have been devoted to create the best catering equipment experience, make you safer and... more
$920 Price Drop
Costway TOP RATED commercial ice maker will bring you convenience and efficiency on ice making. Constructed by stainless steel and PP, it not only looks stunning but features... more
$830 Price Drop
$820 Price Drop
$820 Price Drop
$820 Price Drop
$680 Price Drop
【Full-Automatic】Water inlet, water filling, ice making, water releasing and ice dropping. All these processes are automatically controlled for ice making continuously. In... more
$590 Price Drop
【User Friendly】Our ice maker adopts high efficient compressor to make ice faster, and the lower noise, low power consumption can save you much trouble for frequent usage.... more
$506 Price Drop
Refrigerator with modern European design creates a pleasant presentation, with plenty of storage space. Includes full-range temperature control, removable/adjustable shelving... more

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QWhat is the difference between 'net' and 'gross' capacity?
AYou see 2 capacities used for fridges and freezers - gross capacity refers to the total inside capacity of the appliance, while net capacity is the total *usable* capacity, after discounting the volume taken up by shelves, plastic moulding, etc.
QWhat is the average noise level of a freezer?
AThe average noise of a freezer is around 40Db, making it very quiet indeed, and hardly noticeable, even in a quiet kitchen.
QWhat does 'freezing capacity' mean?
AFreezing capacity refers to the volume of food that the freezer is capable of freezing in a set period. The larger the amount, the more quickly it will be frozen.
QWhat is a 'chest freezer'?
AChest freezers are lower, wider freezers with the lid mounted on the top rather than at the front. This horizontal arrangement allows for more food to be stored, and larger individual items to fit into the freezer. However there are normally fewer compartments, and the freezer itself takes up far more floor space.

Freezer Buying Guide


A dedicated freezer is ideal for families that need to store large quantities of frozen food. Often they can be combined with a matching fridge to create a huge fridge freezer combined of two appliances placed next to each other. They key is to make sure that the freezer door is reversible, which will allow your combined fridge freezer unit doors to both open from the middle.

Advances in insulation technology have allowed freezer manufacturers to increase the available space inside modern freezer units. The biggest upright freezers have over 350 litres of internal storage and the largest chest freezer can have nearly 600 litres of internal storage - that's enough to store three supermarket shopping trolleys full of food!

Frost Free Interior

Older freezers and some budget models require periodic defrosting which means switching the freezer off, removing all the food, and catching all the thawing ice in a tray. This is necessary to prevent excessive frost build up inside the freezer and to keep it operating efficiently.

Many freezers have frost free technology. This means that no defrosting is required and the freezer will not frost up over time. They work by controlling the humidity level inside the freezer to prevent frost particles from forming.

Easy Access Drawers

Some freezers come with easy to access pull out drawers. Transparent draw fronts make it easy to see what's stored inside and smooth sliding rails make pulling the drawer out effortless. Look out for deep drawer sizes which can be useful for storing bulky items.

Ice Makers

Built in ice makers are available in some stand alone freezers. Commonly they make the ice in one of the drawers which can then be pulled out and used.

Most automatic ice makers will normally need a plumbed water connection within 1.5m of the freezer. Some freezers may have simpler, semi automatic ice makers that you must fill manually.

Other Features

LED Lighting: These low energy bulbs create bright illumination of all parts of your freezer and produce a very low level of heat.

Rapid Freezing: Rapid freezing lets you temporarily increase the freezing rate of the freezer so that new items freeze more quickly.

Variable Speed Compressors: Multiple speed settings lets the compressor run quietly in normal operation and also creates more consistent internal temperatures.

Digital Controls: Digital temperature controls let you set the internal temperature of the freezer precisely and are easier to use than vague temperature dials.

Warning Alarms: An alarm will sound if the freezer door has accidentally been left open or if the internal temperature of the freezer is too high.

Soft Close Doors: The freezer door gently closes itself as you push the door shut.

Installation Tips

It's best to measure the space that your freezer is to fit in several times to make sure that you don't make a mistake. In determining whether the freezer will fit you should consider the freezer door hinge position and the space required for the thickness of the freezer door when it is opened. Don't forget about the size of any openings or staircases that the freezer will have to pass through to get it to the installation location.

The air temperature around the freezer is important for optimal operation. Most freezers are designed to work inside a heated room, so don't install your freezer in a outbuilding unless it is specifically designed for that purpose. You should also ensure adequate ventilation to the rear of the freezer.

Once your freezer has been delivered you should leave it standing upright for 4 hours before switching it on if it was transported horizontally. If it was transported vertically then standing for 1 hour should be sufficient.

AEG Freezers

Price Range of AEG Freezers

How Good Are AEG Freezers?

We have analysed 10 expert reviews and 10,130 user reviews for freezers and used this data to evaluate an average rating for AEG freezers of 87%. This makes AEG the 3rd best freezer brand according to customer reviews.

When Are Most New AEG Freezers Released?

The most common period for new AEG freezers to be released in is between January and March. For the latest AEG freezer technology you may want to consider waiting until January 2021. It's also worth keeping in mind that the price of the current AEG freezers tend to drop off when the next models are released. Last year most new AEG freezers were released in January, with one new AEG freezers released that month. Eight new AEG freezers were released in March 2018 making it the biggest month that year for new AEG freezer releases. The biggest month in 2017 for new AEG freezer releases was January, with 16 new AEG freezers released that month.

How Fast Do AEG Freezer Prices Drop After Release?

AEG freezers tend to depreciate more slowly than most freezers. Most freezers drop in price by 4% in the first 6 months after release. On average AEG freezers drop in price by 3% in the first 6 months after release.

If you are prepared to wait then you could save an average of $14 on a typical $418 new AEG freezer by waiting 6 months before buying.