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Compare The Best AEG DishwashersAugust 2020

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What is the Kagoo Score? Our unique dishwashers rating which considers: 380 US prices • 20,000 expert & user reviews • 5,000 product comparisons • 78 industry awards • Score breakdown
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Sep 2017

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Today's Best Dishwasher Sales

$401 Price Drop
GE Monogram fully integrated dishwasher features 7 wash cycles 11 options LED interior lighting and full 3rd rack on full extension slides This dishwasher can fit up to 16... more
$193 Price Drop
$133 Price Drop
Summit DW2435SSADA 24 ADA Compliant Dishwasher with 12 Place Settings 5 Cycles Digital Touch Control Energy Star in Stainless Steel
$123 Price Drop
HOTPOINT® BUILT-IN 24-INCH DISHWASHER, BLACK, 5 CYCLES / 2 OPTIONS  ENERGY STAR® qualified control panel with 5 cycles / 3 options fits up to 12-place setting... more
$113 Price Drop
Frigidaire Gallery FGID2466QF 24" Fully Integrated Built-In Dishwasher with 12 Place Settings 8 Wash Cycles DishSen: OrbitClean Technology Provides 4 Times More Water... more
$107 Price Drop
18 in. Energy Star Built-In Dishwasher with Heated Drying, White
$107 Price Drop
Sunpentown SD-9254W 18 in. Energy Star Built-In Dishwasher with Heated Drying, White
$80 Price Drop
Frigidaire 24'' Built-In Dishwasher - 24" - Built-in - 14 Place Settings - Direct Feed Wash System - 60 dB(A) - Stainless Steel - No

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QWhat is a 'place setting'?
AA place setting is a standard measurement of how much can fit in a dishwasher. A 'place setting' is defined as : a dinner plate, soup plate, dessert plate, glass tumbler, tea cup and saucer, knife, fork, soup spoon, dessert spoon and teaspoon.
QHow noisy is an average dishwasher?
AMost dishwashers fall between 40-50Db when running, which is very quiet and barely noticeable.
QWhat are adjustable baskets?
AThis means that the inside of the dishwasher can be moved around and customised, with extra sections for plates or cutlery added/removed depending on your needs.

Dishwasher Buying Guide

Dishwashers are an invaluable time saver in the modern household - nobody likes having to spend ages washing up dishes after a good meal! Our dishwashers have a variety of shapes, sizes and capacities to fit the needs of every family.

Dishwashers come in 3 main sizes: full size, slimline & compact. The smaller the machine, the easier it is to fit into your kitchen - with the tradeoff that it will be able to wash fewer dishes at once.

Full size machines can usually hold around 150 items, and will have space enough for the largest dishes and plates, as well as saucepans and pots. They are suitable for large families, and those who generate lots of dirty plates.
Slimline dishwashers are usually as tall as full size dishwashers, but substantially thinner than their larger cousins - they can usually hold somewhere around 100 items. They offer a good trade of space vs. capacity.
Compact dishwashers are smaller both in height and width, and usually hold around 50 items. The small profile of these machines make them ideal for small kitchens and limited space, but they can hold far less than full size dishwashers.

Dishwashers also have a washing and drying class, ranked from A to G. The higher the class, the more efficiently the machines will wash and dry dishes. This means less chance of food and stains at the end of a cycle, and a better quality of cleaning overall, so it's worth going for the best washing/drying class you can afford.

Adjustable/Customizable Baskets

Many dishwashers contain the ability to adjust the height of both the lower and upper baskets, or even removing them completely. This can help you fit in extremely large or bulky items - such as serving dishes, woks or soup pots - with ease. Several of our dishwashers also contain customisable upper and lower baskets, so you can change the layout of the dish racks, cup holders, etc to best match your needs.


Modern dishwashers contain several different programs for efficiently cleaning you plates and cutlery. Most will contain a quick wash, which is the fastest and least effective cycle, and a thorough wash for extremely dirty dishes.

More advanced models may have several additional programs, such as pre-wash cycles, a cycle that concentrates washing power on the lower basket, and a sensor wash that automatically detects how full the machine is, and sets the time/power level accordingly. All of these extra programs save you time and energy in keeping your kitchenware tidy and clean!


Noise levels for appliances are measures in Db - most dishwashers fall between 40-50Db. This is rather quiet - equivalent to the background noise of a refrigerator running - so shouldn’t disturb conversation. Some models even have a special ‘quiet mode’ cycle, which will run even quieter than usual.

All our dishwashers are graded on their energy efficiency. The higher the grade, the less energy will be used per cycle, and the cheaper the dish washer will be to run. Look for a washer graded at A++ or above for the best efficiency in daily use.

AEG Dishwashers

Price Range of AEG Dishwashers

The average price of AEG dishwashers is $534 which is the 11th highest average price of all dishwasher brands. AEG dishwashers start at $519 and their most expensive dishwasher costs $549.

How Good Are AEG Dishwashers?

We have analysed 64 expert reviews and 18,134 user reviews for dishwashers and used this data to calculate an average rating for AEG dishwashers of 72%. This makes AEG the 9th best rated dishwasher brand according to customer reviews.

When Are Most New AEG Dishwashers Released?

We couldn't see any clear trend in the release dates for new AEG dishwashers over the last 3 years. Last year most new AEG dishwashers were released in August, with two new AEG dishwashers released that month. The biggest month in 2018 for new AEG dishwasher releases was March, with 23 new AEG dishwashers released that month. In January 2017, 26 new AEG dishwashers were released making it the biggest month that year for new AEG dishwasher releases.

How Fast Do AEG Dishwasher Prices Drop After Release?

AEG dishwashers tend to depreciate faster than most dishwashers. Most dishwashers drop in price by 2% in the first 6 months after release. On average, in the first 6 months after release, AEG dishwashers drop in price by 3%.

A typical new AEG dishwasher costs on average $735. By waiting 6 months before buying you could save on average $24.